Backdrop Size Guide

Size Recommendations & Visual Guide

Once you have selected a backdrop material, you will then be able to view the available sizes for that material.
You can select the orientation of your backdrop by selecting Portrait or Landscape, or by leaving us a note on your order to advise any preferences about which way you would like it to be printed.

If you select a size that is not suitable for your chosen design, we will contact you to suggest an alternate size.

Flatlay & Product Photography: Our most popular sizes for this style of photography are 90x90cm - 3x3ft and 90x150cm - 3x5ft.

Newborns: For overhead/top down newborn photography, 1.2x1.2m - 4x4ft and 1.5x1.5m - 5x5ft are most popular for individual backdrop designs.
Our 2.1x1.5m - 7x5ft and 2.4x1.8m - 8x6ft 4in1 Floor Drops are an economical option for multiple designs printed on one backdrop.
For front-on newborn photos, we suggest a 1.2x2.4m - 4x8ft or 1.5x3m - 5x10ft Wall & Floor Combo or single colour or textured print.

Cake Smash & Children's Photography: Most of our specific Cake Smash Sets and scenes are designed to be printed at 2.1x1.5m - 7x5ft or 2.4x1.8m - 8x6ft size. Therefore, we suggest using a separate wall drop and a matching floor drop of 2.1x1.5m - 7x5ft or 2.4x1.8m - 8x6ft size.
For a Wall & Floor Combo or a single colour or textured print only, we suggest 1.8x3.6m - 6x12ft or as large as your studio space allows.

Maternity/Full Length Portraits: We recommend going as large as your studio space allows, in order to minimise editing/cloning in cases of large flowing dresses, etc. Our minimum recommendation is 2.1x3.6m, and most popular size is 2.4x4.2m.

Family/Groups: We recommend going as large as your studio space allows, in order to minimise editing/cloning in cases of extra large groups. For a family of 4, we suggest at least 3.6x2.4m, most common is 4.2x2.4m.

What is a Wall & Floor Combo? This is two designs printed on one backdrop, to form the appearance of a "wall" and a "floor" in your photos. They are printed as half wall and half floor, for example, a 1.5x3m size backdrop has a 1.5x1.5m wall design and a 1.5x1.5m floor design. These are popular for photographing small children and animals.