Backdrop Size Guide

Size Recommendations & Visual Guide

All sizes on the website are displayed as Width x Height. You can select the orientation of your backdrop by selecting the relevant size from the menu, or by leaving us a note on your order to advise any preferences about which way you would like it to be printed.

If you select a size that is not suitable for your chosen design, we will contact you to suggest an alternate size.

Flatlay & Product Photography: Our most popular sizes for this style of photography are 60x60cm -2x2ft, 90x90cm - 3x3ft, 60x120cm - 2x4ft, and 90x150cm - 3x5ft.

Newborns: For overhead/top down newborn photography, 1.2x1.2m - 4x4ft and 1.5x1.5m - 5x5ft are most popular for individual backdrop designs.
Our 2.1x1.5m - 7x5ft and 2.4x1.8m - 8x6ft 4in1 Floor Drops are an economical option for multiple designs printed on one backdrop.
For front-on newborn photos, we suggest a 1.2x2.4m - 4x8ft or 1.5x3m - 5x10ft Wall & Floor Combo or single colour or textured print.

Cake Smash & Children's Photography: Most of our specific Cake Smash Sets and scenes are designed to be printed at 2.1x1.5m - 7x5ft or 2.4x1.8m - 8x6ft size. Therefore, we suggest using a separate wall drop and a matching floor drop of 2.1x1.5m - 7x5ft or 2.4x1.8m - 8x6ft size.
For a Wall & Floor Combo or a single colour or textured print only, we suggest 1.8x3.6m - 6x12ft or as large as your studio space allows.

Maternity/Full Length Portraits: We recommend going as large as your studio space allows, in order to minimise editing/cloning in cases of large flowing dresses, etc. Our minimum recommendation is 2.1x3.6m, and most popular size is 2.4x4.2m.

Family/Groups: We recommend going as large as your studio space allows, in order to minimise editing/cloning in cases of extra large groups. For a family of 4, we suggest at least 3.6x2.4m, most common is 4.2x2.4m.

What is a Wall & Floor Combo? This is two designs printed on one backdrop, to form the appearance of a "wall" and a "floor" in your photos. They are printed as half wall and half floor, for example, a 1.5x3m size backdrop has a 1.5x1.5m wall design and a 1.5x1.5m floor design. These are popular for photographing small children and animals.