Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you based in Australia?

A. Yes! We sure are. We are based in Brisbane, Queensland, and all our backdrops are shipped from us directly to your door.

Q. What material are you backdrops printed on?

A. We have a few different material options. All our Vinyl range of backdrops are printed on 100% vinyl. Our single sided backdrops are printed on slightly textured matte vinyl. This texture may be visible when photographed close up, so please keep this in mind when selecting your size, as choosing a larger size will allow you to photograph from a longer distance, therefore reducing the visibility of the texture. Our reversible backdrops are printed on vinyl which is smooth on both sides.
Our Stretch Fabric range is available on 270gsm stretch fabric as well as pearl poly paper, both of which are completely glare free.

Q. Can I take a photo of your bath tub and/or backdrops to sell as a digital backdrop?

A. No. All our backdrop designs are licensed images and any copyright infringements are subject to legal action. Please do not reproduce any of our designs in any way.
Our "Gatsby" Clawfoot Bath Tub is a patented product and is sold for personal use ONLY. We do not permit the sale of digital backdrops using our product, and anyone found to be doing so or copying this patented product will be pursued with legal action.

Q. Will I get any glare on my backdrop?

A. All our backdrops are printed on matte vinyl material and are designed to be used with both natural and studio lighting. We cannot guarantee that all of our designs will be glare free in all lighting scenarios. Some designs may be more sensitive to certain lighting and may require softer lighting for optimal results. We recommend having a good knowledge of lighting and practicing "feathering" your light. You are welcome to contact us with any queries prior to purchasing.
When using studio lighting please be aware that you may need to adjust the intensity or placement of your lights so as to achieve the desired results from your backdrop. Fixed lighting in your studio as well as ambient lighting also need to be taken into account as they may affect your results.

Q. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

A. All our backdrops are custom printed to order in your chosen size, so please allow approximately 2-4 weeks for your order to be printed and dispatched. Please do not plan photo shoots based on our turnaround time as this is an approximate only and peak times may result in minor delays.
If you have purchased from the Ready To Ship category, your backdrop will be dispatched within 48 hours.
Shipping to east coast metro areas usually arrive within a few days, and west coast metro areas in approximately one week, however if you live in a regional area please allow longer for transport of your order.

Q. How much are you backdrops?

A. Pricing varies according to size. Available sizes are listed on each product page, along with the relevant pricing.
All prices are exclusive of GST and shipping, which are added during the checkout process based on your shipping address.

Q. Do you offer combined shipping?

A. Yes! Combined shipping for multiple backdrops is calculated automatically at checkout.

Q. Will there be any other taxes or fees added to my order?

A. Australian orders are inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax). International orders may be subject to import taxes and customs duty depending on your country's import laws, and these fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Q. What is an All in One backdrop?

A. This is a backdrop that has a wall design and a floor design (of your choice) printed on a single piece of vinyl. Some photographers find this easier to use instead of separate backdrops. All in One backdrops are printed in 4x8ft, 5x10ft, 6x12ft, 7x14ft and 8x16ft sizes with each design accounting for half of the backdrop. For example, a 5x10ft backdrop has 2 separate designs of 5x5ft size printed on it.

Q. How do I hang my backdrop?

A. VINYL: The majority of photographers use backdrop clamps to hang these onto a backdrop stand. You can find clamps and stands in our store.
If using clamps doesn't suit you, we can add a Pole Pocket for a small additional charge - simply select this option on the product page. Please note that pole pockets over 8ft size will be rolled against the pocket in order to fit into the shipping tube, so it may have some creasing on the pocket which you will need to lay flat to help remove before hanging your backdrop. Please also note that large sized backdrops will require a strong backdrop stand or hanging system so that they do not sag with the heavy weight of them.
For product or food photography you are probably using small sized backdrops, which you can simply masking tape to a wall if necessary.
POLY PAPER: You can use clamps to hang your poly paper backdrops to a backdrop stand, or use thumb tacks to pin directly to a wall. You can use poly paper as a floor drop for newborn sessions, however if you wish to use for sitters or cake smash we recommend using perspex over the top to prevent the paper from moving around.
FABRIC: Hang from a stand with clamps and simply stretch out the edges as necessary, or use on the floor with a weight on each corner.

Q. Are you backdrops safe for use with children and also with food?

A. Yes! We print all our backdrops using premium inks which are lead-free and nickel-free, so you can rest easy knowing that there are no harmful carcinogens touching your littles ones or your food!

Q. Can I use my backdrop for a Cake Smash?

A. Our vinyl backdrops are perfect for birthday Cake Smash pictures and newborns! So dont worry about the mess. Just take a damp cloth with water and/or a gentle cleaner (like soap) and wipe clean straight after your photo shoot. Easy!
We advise cleaning the backdrop as soon as your photo shoot is over, as it may stain if icing or food is left on it for a prolonged period.
Always test the icing on a small area near the edge of the backdrop before using all over to ensure that it does not leave behind any colour, as some icing has more colour pigment than others and we cannot guarantee that all colours will not stain.

Q. Is my backdrop going to arrive folded?

A. No! Unlike the cheap paper-thin vinyl backdrops, we couldn't send our backdrops folded if we tried! All our backdrops are heavy duty vinyl and will arrive to you rolled in a tube.

Q. How should I store my backdrops?

A. We recommend storing your backdrops rolled up in the tube they arrive in. If possible, store your backdrop tube in an upright position so as to avoid getting a flat side to your backdrop which can be caused if it is stored laying flat on the ground.
Please ensure that rubber backed backdeops are stored either laying flat on the ground or rolled up with the vinyl on the outside in order to keep them in great condition.

Q. Can I request that the wood/pattern/design be printed at a specific size on my backdrop?

A. Yes! With most of our designs, especially wood and patterns, we can print them smaller or larger depending on your preference. If no preference is stated it will be printed as per the display image.

Q. I live outside of Australia. Can I purchase from you?

A. Yes! Our store is only set up to sell to customers in AUD, however we can arrange international shipping anywhere for you for any of our backdrops and other products.
Please use the Contact Us page to let us know where you are located and we can get a shipping quote for you.

Q. What are baseboards?

A. A baseboard is like the strip of timber in your house where the wall meets the floor, sometimes called a kickboard.
These can be printed on your backdrop at no extra cost, just leave us a note on your order.

Q. Can I have one of my own images printed as a backdrop?

A. Yes! We offer custom prints as long as you own the copyright to the image.
Please use the Contact Us page to let us know the details of what you would like printed.

Q. I live in a rural/regional area of Australia, can you ship to me?

A. We deliver our backdrops to all parts of Australia, however some rural/regional areas can be more expensive to ship to, so please check your shipping cost with us prior to purchasing.