Fancy Fabric - 2.1x1.5m Whimsical Window - FREE SHIPPING

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Fancy Fabric - 2.1x1.5m Whimsical Window - FREE SHIPPING

Oz Backdrops and Props is excited to bring the beautiful range of USA's Fancy Fabrics backdrops to Australia!

Forget trying to figure out the terrible exchange rate, or dealing with expensive and slow international shipping. Order through Oz Backdrops and Props and pay up to 30% OFF the retail pricing plus FREE SHIPPING in Australia!

BACKDROP MATERIAL: Our Wrinkle Free Fabric Backdrops are a specially designed, stretchy, soft, poly-cotton blended fabric that's super easy to use, set up, store and travel with. This is the ideal backdrop if you desire a product with durability, longevity and ease of use.
Our Fabric Backdrops can be set up by clamping it to your backdrop stand, taping or tacking it to your wall and, can be stored away by folding it like a t-shirt. You can throw your fabric backdrop in the dryer for a few minutes prior to use for an even more smooth finish.